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Monday, May 28, 2012

Craaazzayy Mission Life!

Okay so it's not really that crazy but hey I couldn't think of a better subject for it. :P

So a week ago, Monday, was my first P-Day and the reason I didn't talk about it was because it hadn't happened yet when I was emailing haha. We went to Cafe Rio which to me is like a crappy chipotle (sorry if any of you guys out there like it hahaha). My companion loves it and hates chipotle though which is weird. After that we went and got our mail then played sports as a zone. We played basketball and I cracked two of my nails so they were bleeding like crazyy but they're pretty much healed now mom so don't worry!! ;) Then we played rugby which I was surprisingly good at never playing before that.

So we gave two people blessings this week, and the first one was a mom who was really concerned and upset that her son was hanging out with bad people and that his friend had a step dad in drugs and alcohol and stuff so she broke down and asked for a blessing. Then yesterday (Sunday) after dinner a guy named Brother Marr asked for one because his back was giving him a tonnn of pain. Both of those were really cool experiences :)

So on Wednesday I got myself a new bike! Instead of getting another Walmart bike (by the way I brought it in because that stupid peddle fell off, and that was apparently the FOURTH one that did that this week. hmmmm.) haha. But I got my money back for the bike instead of swapping it out for a different one. Then I was like I'll probably be better off buying a stolen one, so we went to one of the local pawn shops and after bargaining with the guy I got it for 155 cash out the door. :) Dad, be proud of me hahaha :) But it's a super super nice bike. The chain is a little squeaky but after a little WB-40 it'll be perfect. :)

So Carl, our landlord, got an idea from watching Tangled that Disney movie. He wants to build a lantern like the ones in the end of the movie!! haha :) He's this old man but can literally make anything its awesome. He lives off the land. anywaysss so we got this really light plastic and attached a tin foil tray to the bottom, then soaked cotton balls in gasoline and lit them on fire and the hot air filled up the plastic and it lifted off the ground and flew away! He thinks it went about 2,500 or 3,000 feet up in the air because it was a tiny speck before we lost it. (It was about 5 feet in diameter not those small ones in the movie) :) I'll attach a picture of it.

So I had my first baptism on Saturday! :) Well first was Ethan but the first one in the field. So.. I had my second baptism Saturday! ;) His name is Cameron Bagley (Elder Weier pronounces his "a"s weird so he says "bag" like the a sound in "age" so its like bagely or something haha. :) ) He is such a sweeet kid! Talking about Cameron now. ha. He reminds me a lot of the little kid on Modern Family hahahhahaha :) I'll attach a picture of him too.

Saturday night we went over to this guy's house, Brother Haws, and he is this guy that smokes and drinks and cusses and stuff but is a less active member. So we just stopped by, and he was telling us about how he got an invitation to have a calling. He was getting really mad telling us about it, but by the end the Spirit was really strong and he seemed like he was really soaking in what we were saying. It was awesome :) Apparently he thinks that because he has those problems and others he wouldn't tell us that he felt like he didn't deserve it and couldn't handle the workload. But like I said towards the end he was starting to come around and realize maybe it was ideal for him to. :) The Spirit was so strong!

We went on exchanges (kinda) and we taught this guy named Thomas. We taught him about some of the commandments, like chastity, tithing, the Sabbath day, and word of wisdom. He was a little shaky in believing in the modern day prophets though. So he had a little bit of trouble believing that those commandments came from God instead of just man's thoughts. But the Holy Ghost was telling me to say Ether 12:6 about how we have to have a trial of our faith before we are able to receive a witness that something is true. So in this case, following the prophet to know if what he is saying is true or not. He said he really liked that :) This work is so exciting!!

Cameron, Me, Elder Weier, Cameron's: grandpa, dad, step mom. :)

This is a picture of the video on my camera of the lantern haha. it was a video and I can't get a picture from it so I took it with another Elder's camera. :)

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