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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Seems like I just got here!

haha the subject of this letter said "like I just got her" before I caught it! That might have made some certain people a litle jealous. ;)
hahahaha :D
So, this week has been crazy! but also crazy awesome!! hahaha :)
The food here is usually mediocre, but this week we had papa john's pizza! It was really kinda weird eating it because it seems like we've been cut off from the real world forever!! haha. The months here have been dragging on. ;) IT'S ONLY BEEN TWO WEEKS?? Oh and for one of the firesides we had, the speaker showed us a TV commercial. It felt like I was sinning!!! hahahahhaa. But it was about these two people on an escalator and it stopped and they were "stuck" there and were kinda freaking out and yelling for help and everything haha. He told us we shouldn't be like them and that we should go through our problems easily and not freak out over the little things.
So saturday night there was this guy that came into our room and he was going to sing in the sunday fireside, and he just grabbed my chips that my mom sent me, opened them, and started eating them!! That wAS PRETTY ANNOYING. woah sorry for the caps haha. no time to go back and fix it though! This 30 minute thing is waayyy too short. ha.
So I was teaching an investigator named Heidi, and we were talking about things and then all of a sudden the spirit told me I should invite her to be baptised because she was ready. Like it literally was like "say this"!! So I was like alrighttt I'll go for it! I invited her and she said yes! It was completely not even what we were talking about which was pretty sick.
Sunday, we woke up at 6:30, but I was soo tired that I crawled back into my bed haha :) We ended out of bed getting up around 7:20. But hey we're supposed to be up at 6:30 and I was!! hahahha. dont judge me, I repented. ;)
The movie that night was soooo spiritual and awesome! It was about the apostasy and basically proving that it really happened and how the authority was taken off the earth and how there needed to be the true church, the true gospel back onto the earth--the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--.
Oh so I found out that I'm completely GARBAGE at sand volleyball. Me and my district played two days ago and I can't run in the sand!! I kept tripping and diving but it was so hard! haha. volleyball in the gym is way better. oh and if any of you are reading this and are going into the MTC, try out 4 square!! It's so legit and not just for elementary school haha. It's intense here.
I was a host yesterday and that was a pretty cool experience. I got to see all of the deer in the headlights brand new missionaries coming in and guiding them to where they're supposed to go haha :) instead of getting a typical one though, Elder Clark and I were assigned to host foreign missionaries!! Ours were portugese and didn't speak anyy english. well kinda but to the point where we couldnt communicate very well hahahaha.
OH! So I found out that I'm going to be leaving the MTC this tuesday May 15th at 5:00 pm instead of wednesday! I'm going to be leaving with Elder Piutau and Elder Denny and Elder Clark are leaving the next day on wednesday. I'm super pumped! Elder Piutau is sooo tight and he loves to work out just like I do! haha :) <--- the smile is for loving to work out
 And I found out that DearElder.com is still going to be working (I'm pretty sure ha) but it will cost money just like buying a stamp. or you could just mail it regularly too (For the people who write me letters hahaha). But thank thank thank thank thaaannkkk you to the people who have! I love getting them! It makes us missionaries so much happier knowing people still care about us haha ;)
But the MTC seems like it takes forever, but honestly looking back at it it really flies by. When sunday comes, every day after that literally does fly. haha. I love being here though, I love feeling the Spirit and being able to be here with it every day here.
Agh my time's out, so I've gotta go. I love all of you!
-Elder Wilson

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