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Monday, May 21, 2012

First Week In The Field!

I got here last Tuesday night and it doesn't feel like I've only been here like 6 days. Time has been flying by when I've been getting down to work! So in this mission we're riding bikes (yes!! We won't get as fat!) and driving cars about 50 50. But the area I'm in right now is going to be a part of the new mission called Utah Salt Lake City Central. It's only going to be 4 zones, 20 stakes (Trust me its not that much hahahaha. A stake here is like 10 blocks no lie.) and 160 missionaries!!! It's gonna be packed here. haha. and everyone will be on bikes. not even the AP's (assistant to the president). Right now I'm living in a member's home which is pretty weird at first but I've come to really love them! haha. Their names are the Andreason's. (spelling?) They're an old couple and we live in their attic haha. It gets sooo hott!! We have this huge fan thing that sucks out all the air and blows it outside and when we open the windows it sucks all the cold air in so it's like a huge wind tunnel haha. But we forgot to turn it off one night so we woke up to hurricane winds and like 30 degrees and like 3am!! haha.

So I got here tuesday night, but we just had an interview with the Mission President and then slept over and we met our companions the next day. I met my companion Elder Weier, and he is really cool! He likes to work out, is really chill, and is a good person. We got done with the meetings and things around 3:40, and a member picked us up, the one that we live with. We got to the house, dropped off my suitcases, and went to work. we went tracting over in some apartments and found a less active and he said he's been trying to get back to church so we invited him to come with us and he can sit by us. then we went down a floor and our phone died! So we had to go home and charge it but we're like alright just one more door. So we knocked, and a lady answered and invited us in with her friend there. Then they asked us to share a scripture out of psalms with them about strength. haha we couldnt find any but we read a scripture mastery and that made them happy. Then she asked if we could give her a blessing and she asked me! My first day haha holy crap. So I did, and it was the sweetest experience ever. I literally felt the power of God going through my head, shoulders, arms, and hands to her head and when I was done with it she was in tears. I felt impressed to say that Heavenly Father is pleased with the effort she was making and that He wanted her to continue reading the Book of Mormon that she had gotten. Sorry this email is so long! haha.

So then later that night we went to a lutherine family that Elder Weier had already scheduled. We showed up, the mom answered and she like shuit it in our face and said she didnt want anything to do with us. she said to go talk to her husband on the side of the house, so we did and we got into a litle like Bible bash with him. then he said to go talk to his wife again so we were like oh man. this is awkward. But she answered the door and was like oh come on in I'm Sister Sharp! I'm just kidding we really are members. They freaking punked me!! hahaha. I guess it was Elder Weier's idea. but they're a really cool family.

Okay so another funny story! :) We were riding to our dinner appointment, and all of a sudden my freaking pedal just like fell off!! My foot slipped off and I'm pretty sure got stuck under the wheel or something because I flipped and somehow got under the bike! hahaha. and I think I ran over myself because there was a tire track accross my sleeve. I took a picture of it haha :)

So on Saturday when we were walking home, this guy stopped us and asked if we could give his mom a blessing! So we went into the house (which was literally like 5 million degrees haha) and I sealed the blessing then the guy that stopped us gave it. She had a hurt back and he wanted to give her a blessing. It was a cool experience.

-Elder Wilson

The guys haha (I MEAN ELDERS)

The first one is a picture of my District at the MTC in front of the Temple. From left to right it's Me, Elder Clark, Elder Piutau, Sister Ellsworth, Sister Neslen, Elder Stuart, Elder Denny, and Elder Faumui. :)

Elder Wilson is official!!

This is the famous tree at the MTC that literally smells like butterscotch! soo gooood.

There was a ton of Koreans on our floor so naturally there was a photo shoot.

Elder Denny and I pointing on the map haha

The rest of our district!

I ran over my arm somehow!! hahaha

The peddle that fell off

The seat cover ripped the very next day that I bought it. haha.

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