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Sunday, May 20, 2012

First Week of the MTC!!

Hey everyone! YES I'M ALIVE ;) They wouldnt let us email or reply until our Pday which is on thursdays. That includes letters too so if you haven't gotten a reply from a dearelder.com letter you sent me, that's why!!
Just wanted to start out by saying that I love my district here and the whole MTC in general! The spirit is all around us here and I love every second I get to feel it. We start out everything in a prayer. Studying with companions, personal study, meals, lessons, everything!! :)
TO MOM: ;)
Yeah the dear elder letter got to me okay! :) and I also got the two packages you sent! :)
So to answer your questions...
1) my Pday is on thursdays! At least here in the MTC, it might change in the field.
2)we leave the MTC on may 16th which leads me to my next answer...
3)Yes I'll be here for mother's day :/
4)I wont be able to vcall home for mother's day because there's a total of 3 phones and like 2000 missionaries ;(
I love the MTC! It's a super awesome experience being here with all of these missionaries. The elders in my district are soo awesome!! I have a big samoan Elder, Elder Faumui who is serilously so awesome!! He is full of the spirit and is just a big teddy bear! He cares about everything and everyone. Elder Piutau is a tongan so he's pretty big too! He's pretty chill. Actually really chill haha. He's always rapping and stuff like that haha :) Elder Denny is my com[panion. He's a short latino guy and he is ALWAYS talking like a mile a minute hahahahaha. And he';s addicted to diet coke. then Elder Stuart. He's a tall guy, like 6'3" haha and he's such white trash! He tries to rap too  haha its so funny :) but he's so nice! and he's our distric leader. Then there's elder clark. He is sooooo chill. Me and him are definitely the closest. We're super in common and have the same personality and everything! Right now he's actually right next to me emailing his family right now. He and I are always talking about stuff and getting to know each other really well :) I love our district!! (A district is a group of like 4 or 5 companionships grouped together) We get along really really well. oh yeah and there's a sister com[panion ship who are pretty cool too! Sister Neslen and Sister Ellsworth.

The MTC is flying by really fast!!!! They say that in the MTC the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. That is so true!! Yesterday I was an investigator (someone interested in learning more about our church) and I felt the investigator needed to be baptized in the role play we were doing, and so I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to have the missionary ask me to be baptized, and right after I finished the missionary asked me!!! It was so awesome. I love the gospel so mch! It's awesome. I feel like I've called it awesome way too much but it really is!! hahaha. So many of my prayers have been answered here! :)
Another cool thing that happened was a few days ago (monday night) we were all doing personal study when we got a page over the intercom for our district to come down to the main office for a TRC ( paid actors playing as investigators). NONE of us were prepared at all!! So we said a prayer as a district, and were relying on the Spirit. We opened the door to an old man who was from Haidi, with a thickkkkkk african accent!! Anyways after 5 minutes we finally were able to get inside the door by saying that we were mormons. (Yes I tried saying we were missionaries, from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and a bunch of other things, we thought that saying mormons would be too obvious!) I felt the spirit sooo strongly the whole time! :) I was able to answer every single one of his questions! Ah it was such an AWESOME ;) experience!
The sundays here are truly amazing. There's a devotional that someone from the church (apostles, people of the seventy, ect) gives us and that was super awesome!! The speaker was super good. He talked about how we need to be happy, have fun, and be good. And talked about how we can do those things. The songs we sand were really spiritual too! Anyways, after we went to that there was a video that David A. Bednar gave (it was a video of when he gave a talk at the MTC a while ago). Holy crap that was so so so so good! It talked about how Christ had unconditional love and never thought abiout Himself, ever. And how we need to be like Him! I feel so horrible now, thinking about all the times I've been sad and down. When I am I turn inwards, as everyone does usually, and not outwards (helping others). when we do that it gives us more happiness, and helps them too! I'll definitely be trying to do that more.
Well I have 4 minutes left, and the time is in red now so I need to hurry it up hahaha. But I can't upload any pictures to the MTC computers, I will be able to when I get out in the field most likely. I can print some out and send them in the mail but that will be about it! I'll try next week (THURSDAY IS MY PDAY) <---In the MTC.
Shout out to Natalie Wilson, Kelsey Barney, and Bracin Walker!! I've been thinking about you guys NON STOP! I love you and I'm praying for you! (As well as a lot of other people too). I love you everyone!!
I love all of you who are reading this!! And mom please forward it to as many people ask for it! ;)
-Elder Wilson
phew, 1:09 left! ;)

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