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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Okay so I'm sorry if this is getting old of me saying this.. but THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME!

Saturday: It was Kristi's baptism!! That was really awesome. Definitely one of the best ones that I have seen or done. The Spirit was really strong! Kristi's two boys came (7 and 8 years old), her mom who isn't a member, and her boyfriend Shawn. That was cool. Her mom was crying and I could tell that she felt the Spirit. So remember how Kristi went down to temple square? Oh actually I guess I never told you. Whoops. So Kristi called us up one day and wanted to meet. Prior to this she had said that she wanted to be baptized but never really showed a lot of interest or real effort. So she met with us, and OFFERED TO SAY THE OPENING PRAYER!! It was like pulling teeth before that. But in it she said that she was thankful God had answered her prayers and told her that this was true. So I was like dang!! What happened? So apparently she felt prompted that she needed to go down to temple square. So she went, and was looking at the painting in the north visitor's center on the very left with the two angels. I think it's when they're moving the stone for the tomb of Christ. Not sure. But anyways while she was looking up at it, thinking, two sister missionaries walked up to her and started talking to her. (She later said that she called them her angels haha.) But they ended up talking for 7 HOURS STRAIGHT. 7 hours!! So that was good. She admitted that she and they mostly talked and laughed and cried though... haha. When Elder Smith and I heard that we both laughed. But yeah so later on we all went on a temple square tour. Us, Bro VanDyk, Kristi, and the two sister missionaries, sisters Wettingfeld and Whisler. That as good. Kristi really liked it. We took her to the model of the temple, watched some mormon messages, and took her to the Christus statue and took pictures by it. But anyways back to Kristi's baptism, those two sister missionaries wanted to sing at the baptism. So they did a special musical number by Janice Kapp Perry called "Power of Heaven". That was really pretty. The assistants came, and brought someone that they are teaching, and they said it was pretty good as well. I'll send some pictures of it all!

Lauren is someone new that we picked up this week as well. She's awesome. Maybe I should stop using that word. But I feel like everything is awesome. Oh well. We found her at church! I felt like I needed to talk to her, so we did. And it turns out that she had been going to church for 4 weeks by herself! And she agreed to be baptized on february 22nd. So that should be good. :)

Sadly, we don't have any people getting baptized this weekend. :( It's a weird feeling! haha. But Kennedy is looking good for the 15th and we have two working towards the 22nd. So that should be exciting. I'll let you know as it gets closer!

Love ya!
Elder Wilson
Kristi Tift's baptism!

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