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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TRANSFERS! Finally a new address

So I'm leaving Taylorsville and leaving the bennion zone that I have been a zone leader over for 9 months now. It's kind of a bitter-sweet feeling leaving everything here, because I have grown to love the members here and the people I've taught. It's going to be sad saying goodbye. But I think Murray will do well for me.
Oh, before I forget. here's my new address:

Elder Bryce Wilson
5451s Quaking Aspen Dr.
Murray, UT 84123

So mom if you could put that as the new address on the blog that would be awesome! It will be until April 2nd.

This week was.. good! A ton of stressful things happened but that just makes us stretch right? I feel like I've become a lot better of a missionary since then. Which is good. Maybe it's God's way of making sure I don't think about home. It worked! hahaha. But we put out a lot of fires in the zone since then. Overall it was a good week though. Kennedy got baptized and she really loved it. She is such an awesome kid. She's 12 but definitely is the maturity of at least a 16 year old. She's going to do well in the church, she has a lot of good friends in it.

I also BAILED on my bike. As a district we had a workout, and so I was bundled up going there but afterwards it was a lot warmer outside and I was already warmed up anyways so I was carrying my sweatshirt. We were starting to go down a huge hill (I'll try to remember to take a picture of it before I go to send home next week) so I thought to myself man that would really stink if my sweatshirt got caught in my wheel... so I was trying to adjust it and throw it over my back when it slipped a little bit and you guessed it, it got jammed in my front wheel making it slam to a halt and hurdling me over the handlebars hahaha. Luckily nobody saw since it was early in the morning still. Well except a dog. It started barking at me after I crashed. So I yelled at it to shut up and it listened. hahaha it felt awesome. But it wasn't too bad, I got a small cut on my hands and arm, and I bruised the bones on my hip and elbow. But it's all good!

Man, I'm sorry that this is so short. Transfers are tomorrow so today is spent packing and all the other nonsense that we need to do on Pdays. I'm sorry [mom]! 
Love you!
Elder Wilson
Kennedy's baptism!

[Most] of our zone!

District meeting snapshot

District morning workout! (Just after this was when I ATE IT on my bike, hahaha)

Some awesome chocolate that I got from my Valentine this valentine's day :)
(thanks mom)

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