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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This week was awesome!!!

So many awesome things happened this week. Tiffany's baptism is first priority, obviously! That went really well. haha she is crazy! (See the picture I sent). There's an even crazier one that we took too haha :) She is and was so excited for her baptism! She said after she came out of the changing room that she was "FREE LIKE A BIRD!!!" at the top of her lungs hahaha. She is really pumped to share the gospel with her friends too which is really cool to see. She told her little brother that he needs to be baptized now too. Too bad he lives outside of our area. She will be an awesome addition to God's Church!

Also, Elder Smith and I are doing really well! The zone had it's highest baptizing month ever in the history of it's existence! And it was the highest baptizing zone in the mission, too. There are so many people that are being prepared to hear the gospel. It's incredible! There are so many that are already prepared to hear us by the time that we find them. AND, there's something called the "standard of excellence". Basically it's a perfect combination of things that missionaries can do to help the most amount of people in the best way possible. Well our whole district hit the standard of excellence! It's usually pretty rare for a companionship to hit it, let alone a whole district. So that was awesome. :) Things are going really well right now and I'm definitely praying hard to keep the success rolling, WITHOUT me or Elder Smith or anyone else getting big-headed. That will kill the success faster than anything else.

Other than those two things, we also took Kristi to temple square! That was really good. We were able to go on a tour of temple square with the sister missionaries that have been working with her from the temple square mission. She felt the Spirit really strongly, and knows that she needs to be baptized and really has that strong desire. So she is doing really well. She is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday. I feel so bad though, because she is going through a really really hard time right now. Physically, mentally, and spiritually. But she's strong and I know she'll make it through. When she meets with us she starts out really low, but gets on that spiritual high by the time we're done with the lesson. Her friend in the church, Richard, is a big help too. He's an MMA fighter and we think she has a crush on him but she will never admit it. hahaha.

I love you guys! Tomorrow is interviews with the mission president that we do every three months. So that should be fun. And zone training meeting is next week!

Love ya!
Elder Wilson
 Tiffany's baptism! She's awesome hahaha.

We took Kristi to temple square! She really loved it. 
These are the sisters that she spent 7 hours in one day with, and has seen pretty much every day since then. 
They've really helped her out and are planning on coming to her baptism this Saturday!

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