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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Transfers and the New Year!

I'm not getting transferred, so all of you who were just eagerly waiting to write me a letter can still send it to the same address. ;)

This week was so AWESOME!!!!!!!! First off, JaNeina got baptized! That was a really good experience. President Moffat came to it. She's amazing! She asked me to baptize her. President Moffat came, and she was still getting changed, haha. Then we took pictures! The service went well though. Very Spiritual. President Moffat came up to her and asked how she felt. She said "wonderful!" To this day, I still have not ever met a single person who doesn't feel amazing after their baptism. She was glowing though. Super happy. Elder Smith and I talked to Mike her husband afterwards and he has been off of the word of wisdom issue for 48 hours as of the baptism, and he is still going strong!!! He said he would work towards January 18th as a baptism. And same with Bryon and Janessa! That will be such a good day. I love the Millers. They're so awesome.

So I got a mysterious card in the mail this week. It was from Kansas City, but with no name or return address on it! So thank you whoever that was, it made my day! And write me again so I can actually write you back! haha.

Tyler Modin is getting baptized this weekend, and he passed his interview. This whole month will be awesome. We have 9 PEOPLE working towards baptism this next transfer alone. I can't wait! This work is getting so fast pased, I have no time for anything else. I am way too busy! I love this work!!

Callie and Jesus Gonzalez got interviewed for baptism and they passed. It was funny, I was filling out the white slip for their membership record, and when writing out his name I was like so it's spelled J-E-S-U-S right? Then he's like you BETTER know how to spell that name!! hahahaha. It was pretty funny. They were both really nervous before the interview but for no reason. Elder Durfee is not a scary guy at all. :) They're excited for their baptism on the 11th also!

Man, I have to get going. I'm sorry if I cut it short this week. Love you all!

Elder Wilson

We took Callie and Jesus and their kid to temple square, that was awesome!

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