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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January is half over. Okay a little more than that.

Bryon and Janessa got baptized!!!! It went really really well. Bryon asked Elder Smith to baptize him and Janessa asked me to baptize her. They are so awesome. I love the miller family! JaNeina was really happy. She started crying. She said that she has wanted this for a long time. For her kids to have some guidance and direction and morals in their lives. But they are really really good kids though, regardless. No drugs, no swearing, obedient (for the most part! ;) , and much more. They've been going to mutual for a while now and they really like it. Bryon has even gone out with us to help teach! hahaha. But the baptism was really awesome. They brought their friends to their baptism and everything. The Spirit was really strong. Everyone felt really really happy and peaceful. We went over to their house yesterday and the Spirit that was there was so overwhelmingly peaceful. This Gospel really is true, and I love surrounding myself in it!!

The next day at their confirmation in church, President Moffat was in the ward, having a speaking assignment. He talked about missionary work (obviously) and how easy it is for people to do it and some ways that people can implement missionary work in their own lives. He said "I wish that they would change the words of the hymn to 'I'll stay where you want me to stay dear Lord'! because we don't have to leave our homes or cities to do missionary work, we can do it right HERE!" It was pretty funny.
Then he started talking about when a king was converted in the Book of Mormon, King Lamoni's Father. A missionary named Aaron was teaching him, and he was converted. He then read us the account of it, and said here is how you know when you're really converted. When you immediately begin to testify and PREACH THE GOSPEL! Right when the king was raised from his "conversion coma" he began to preach the gospel. It was pretty cool. A lot of members came up to us and said how awesome his talk was and how much it inspired them.

So this week was pretty awesome. Tiffany Sotelo is going to be baptized this Saturday, and Mike Miller and Kristi Tift are scheduled for the 1st of February!! This is such an exciting time. So much work to do. I love my mission. :)

We also had zone conference this past week. That was really awesome! President said that he wanted Elder Smith and I to teach how to utilize members, but he changed his mind and had us train on how to find new people to teach. That was pretty fun. We got a lot of good ideas when we all collaborated together as a group. New ones that I hadn't used before, and ones that other missionaries haven't used before either. President saw that one too and was pretty impressed he said.

Love you!
Elder Wilson

 Bryon and Janessa's baptism!

The Miller Family!!!

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