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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

An all around AWESOME week

So many things happened this week! Funny experiences and miracles!! Except so many things happened.

First off, the apartment we moved into was super dirty. Mold in the bathtub, dirty floors, toilet, everything. So it took a while, but now everything is super clean in our apartment. Mom, you'd be proud! ;) It's crazy how much the Spirit can be in the home when the place is clean. 

We picked up a lot of new people this week. One night we were teaching Nadira, one of the people we have "on date", and she called and told us she had someone she wanted us to meet. When we got there it turned out to be a lady named Seleka. She was mad at us that Nadira had agreed to baptism and that Nadira was getting baptized without her!! so naturally we asked her if she wanted to get baptized on the same day. So right now they're both scheduled to be baptized on September 28th! Pretty exciting.

Then yesterday night we went by to see a family that the Bishop told us we should stop by and see. They have grown up here in Utah and have loved the LDS church and the morals it teaches. They've had some pretty good friends growing up here that were LDS which helped too. Their name is the Miller family. It's a mom, a dad, a daughter, and a son. We taught them about how the Church was restored to the earth again, and invited them to be baptized. They all said yes! So right now we have Olivia, Nadira, Seleka, and the miller family-totalling 7 people working towards a baptismal date. Pretty awesome and humbling!

We went on exchanges with Elder Haught, one of our district leaders. His district had nobody on date when he whitewashed into the area. (two elders/sisters going into an area when they hadn't been there before so they have to start from scratch.-- we had 4 in our zone!) So he was struggling and we wanted to help him out. When I went there with him we talked with everyone we saw, did some service for some people, and set up some potentials. That was good. He's a good missionary that tries hard, but I just hope the Lord will bless him for his efforts soon so he doesn't get down on himself. 

Our first Sunday here was pretty crazy. It was our first Sunday in the area so we wanted to go to all of the meetings that we could, so that the wards that we cover will get to put a face to a name. It's frustrating covering 4 wards sometimes because we can't make it to all the meetings. They overlap too much. I sometimes wish I only had 1 ward but in Utah that wouldn't work since there is such a high population of LDS living here. 1 stake here is about as big if not a little smaller than a ward back home. But something in one of the meetings was pretty funny. We were sitting there and the people started arguing with each other!! Like raising their voices arguing. Pretty crazy, haha. They were ganging up on the ward mission leader. Then the relief society president [ironic that that's her calling haha] stepped in and started defending him a little bit. Elder Reed and I were both sitting there like is this really happening right now? haha

Another funny thing was when Elder Reed and I were about to go to a dinner appointment we had and we were a little bit early so we decided we'd knock on a few doors before we went to their house. We knocked on one, no answer. Then the second one we knocked on there was a screen door and the main door was open all the way so we could kind of see inside of the house. It was hard to see because of the screen door, but about 20 feet away from us, sitting on the couch watching TV, was a 300 pound, NAKED fat man. I had to bite my lip not to bust up laughing right then. He said he was busy and to come back later. hahaha.

Gotta love the mission! It really brings out the crazies.
Anyways, I hope all is well back home. Actually not just well, but AWESOME! 

Love, Elder Wilson

Remember that movie "Better off dead"??? This totally reminded me of it!
 It was some weird nasty tasting jello thing at some ward party we went to. 
It started crawling off my plate...

Our zone!
Left to right: Elder Leyva, Elder Bass, Elder Haught, me, Elder Brannum, Elder Bloomfield, Elder Pittman, Elder Chandler, Elder Mintey, Elder Reed, Elder Durfee, Elder Dean, Elder Franco, Elder Montesdeoca, Sister Rodriguez, Sister Guerrero, Sister Porter, Sister Crockett, Sister Swearingen, and Sister Nero.

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