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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September weather is PERFECT.

We had a really good week this week! Some new people we're working with, some older, and a lot of people wanting to come closer to Christ. :) A lot of problems came up this week. Which sucked. But it's okay, because we got through it [with a lot of prayer]. I can't believe that September is already almost over. Winter's coming. Yeahhh buddyy.
Since we have two brand new district leaders this transfer, Elder Reed and I split up to go see their district meetings. They were pretty good! The one I went to was Elder Durfee's. It was a little boring but that was because people were talking too long for the accountability from last week. Elder Chandler is the other brand new district leader. His was pretty good too, Elder Reed said. For the most part, I'm pretty impressed with our district leaders!

We met with Tearsha a few times this week. She came to church, too which was super awesome! She brought her friend's two year old girl and I'm pretty sure everyone thought it was hers. But it's all good because she's engaged to be married so she has a ring. People probably thought she was married. ANYWAYS she is pretty excited about getting baptized. She knows almost everything already, and doesn't really have too many concerns from what we've seen. She's set to be baptized on October 19th.

Shawn Barlow. He's a cool guy. But we had to push his date back until October 11th because of two weddings for his family, and they couldn't do it the day before or even two days before. That was a LONG story and a big headache for Elder Reed and I but finally that's how it turned out. But he pinky promised [haha] that he wouldn't push it again. So we're holding him to that!

Elder Reed's birthday was on Saturday. I called up dinner and told them it would be his birthday, and they ended up going all out! We got there and there was a happy birthday sign on the door. He was like what the heck? How did they know?? I played along with it. They had a birthday cake for him. It was pretty fun! I think he enjoyed his birthday. He finally was able to open some presents that his family sent to him about a month and a half ago. He's an awesome companion, a lot of fun and a lot of hard work too. Well we do a lot of hard work. He isn't a lot of hard work. Do I even make sense?

Sunday wasn't too much of a headache. I love it when it's like that. Tearsha came to church even though she was babysitting that girl. I was surprised how well the little girl behaved. She just laid down on Tearsha's lap and fell asleep. Shawn went to the single's ward. Olivia came to church too. We picked her back up, and her mom is on board for her to be baptized on October 19th. So much work is going on here in this area, I love it! I want even more though! haha.

I love you!
Elder Wilson

 My side of the room!

Elder Reed almost pooped his pants when the door opened and this beast of a dog ran out at us. 

This haircut is mission approved, right?

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