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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy Mom's Day!

This week was awesome. I probably say that every week. But it's true! Jesse's baptism went really well. He felt really really good! I love it when people we're teaching feel the Spirit. Quana and David showed up to watch it. Jesse wanted me to baptize him, so that was really good. And I didn't baptize the phone this time!! ;) He got confirmed by the senior couple named Elder Morris. That was a really amazing experience. Jesse got up and gave me a big hug afterwards.

Wednesday we had a zone training, which is pretty much like a district meeting but with the whole zone. We talked about how we have a lot of people on date as a zone, and how we need to focus on keeping them on. Two wasy they said we can do that is by getting a good fellowshipper/friend for them, and to give them a calendar for them. Then we played baseball with the bases being called "on date", "fellowshipper", and "calendar".  Home plate was "baptism". So if they rounded all the bases, they got baptized! That was a good object lesson. I was in the outfield and almost caught a few! I wonder how that would have worked into the analogy though. haha.

We went to temple square with David Green. He's pretty interesting, haha. But he has a good heart. The Sisters there were very good at teaching, which really helped. We took him to the statues of Joseph Smith getting the priesthood and talked about them there. He had a few questions that we were able to answer, then took him to the model of the temple and explained a little more about it to him. He said it was really beautiful. Then we took him to the statue of Christ which is always a really spiritual experience there. He got down on his knees and started praying in front of the statue, but the sisters stopped him. hahaha. 

We got the 5 people that are on date to be baptized out to Church today! Barely. Well, actually the Lord did. we didn't do anything. It was pretty much a miracle. Nick and Roy were sleeping, and we woke them up and got them out to Church. Aubrianna didn't want to go at first, but when we came back 2 hours after picking up Kodie her brother, she was dressed and ready to go! :) She sent us THE MOST AMAZING text ever a few hours after Church got out:
"I'm ready. I want to be baptized.

Totally made made our day!! So she's "on date" for June 1st. They're going out of town this week until Friday so we can't meet with them for a while but they're pretty solid so we're not too worried.

I got to talk to my mom and family Sunday. That was awesome!! I'll hopefully be able to get a picture from the Skype conversation that we had up here on the blog. :) Well we did something called Google Hangout (which I personally prefer Skype better since it isn't as laggy but it was good still). My family looks so awesome!! Sydnee looks older (in a good way!) and her main man David looks good too! Except he disappeared halfway through the video and never came back haha. Natalie looks grown up and so does Luke. Craig looks about the same but taller! And my dad and mom obviously look younger ;)

The mission is going great, the Church is true, the Lord is amazing. 
I love you!
Elder Wilson

 Jesse's baptism! He wanted me to baptize him.

Elder Franco and I! We got caught in a photo shoot from these two little girls that stole our cameras. 
As you can see this picture was very unexpected.

The Skype call! (I got a video of it but it's too big to put up on here)

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

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