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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


So this transfer call came and turns out that Elder Dean and I are staying together for another transfer!! I'm STILL the District Leader. But our district got a lot smaller which is nice. Except now all we have are sisters in it. Me, Elder Dean, then Sisters Cordoba, Guerrero, Norman, and Young. And then the senior couple Elder and Sister Moore! The other two Elders are in another district. They closed down one area and merged it with the area next to it.

This week was definitely dodge-the-missionary week. On Friday, we had 5 out of the 6 appointments we had scheduled fall through. Either they cancelled or just didn't answer the door. Saturday was the same story, except it was 3 out of the 5 cancelled. So a little better. But Heather's baptism didn't go through. LONG STORY short, she was too sick and so we pushed it back to March 30th. :/ Satan's really working hard on our area lately but we're not giving up. We're hitting the pavement hard and eventually the Lord will give us success. Also, we're devastated but not discouraged!

Some funny things happened this week though, not gonna lie. We were in the middle of comp study when suddenly we hear this lady's voice coming through the side door of our apartment. We both look at each other like uh.. who the heck is that...? (Our landlord/lady were in Colorado so we knew it wasn't them.) so we get up, and come to find out that there's the landlady's sister who we've never met just walking through our apartment!! She didn't even say hi or anything, the first thing she said was "if you didn't lock the front door we wouldn't have to come in through here!" hahaha. Then she said "Hey, do you have border patrol's number by a chance?" hahahaha. it was weird. So they went upstairs to use the Jividen's computer and look up the border patrol's number. And we went back to comp study.

Then as we were tracting we heard this weird sound behind us and we saw a guy rollin' down the street in one of those electric carts that you can use at walmart or a grocery store. He was driving down the road at about 2 miles an hour. Complete with camo shorts, flipflops, a visor, and some shades. Then he started down a really busy street still going that slow!! I know he didn't need it though because it got stuck on the HUGE gutters that Utah seems to always have and so he got off, and lifted it onto level ground then kept on going. haha it made our day.

Sister Watson said she wants Elder Dean and I to baptize her!! So we were a little scared that we might not be able to if one of us got transferred out but both of us stayed! So we're going to help her realize that maybe that was a sign from God to get baptized since He let us both stay here. :) I'll let you know how that goes!!

Other than that it was just a normal week this week.
Until next time,
Elder Wilson

Found out the reason why some Elders didn't answer their phone...
apparently it "fell out and Elder Nuttall ran over it with his bike".
So they taped it up to hold the battery in. 

 How often do you see this?

Our excuse when they complained about the sign: But we needed to visit
you to MAKE an appointment!

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