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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How do you like me now??

Elder Dean and I got haircuts today. I'll send a before and after picture, tell me what you think! hahaha. I might as well try it while on my mission. (Yes, it's allowed mom don't worry.)

This week went pretty well. We found a new investigator, Jasmine Cozac! Does that ring a bell to anyone? When we met her we were asking the usual get to know you questions like what your religious background is, where you're from, stuff like that. She said she was from California. So naturally I said what part? "The Sacramento area" what part?? It's not often that you get this. But turns out she's from ANTELOPE! hahaha. My literal home town. She went to Wilson C Riles and everything. So Natalie, you might know her. She's 15!
Anyways yeah that was cool. But she's pretty solid, she wanted to read the Book of Mormon when we started talking about it, and asked us if there was a church nearby that she could go to. haha apparently she hasn't noticed that there's an LDS church every few blocks here in Utah it seems like. So she's "on date" to get baptized on the 30th of March. That should be good.

We also are going to pick up another one and hopefully 2 more tomorrow when we meet with them. They're the ones that were sitting at home for 3 hours reading the Book of Mormon because they couldn't go to church. I know a lot of people that don't even do that. And these kids aren't baptized yet even!

We went on exchanges with Elders Silva and Nuttall last week. That went well. Elder Silva is the one that Elder Dean was with for about 2 days then got transferred up here with me after that weird transfer. But we worked hard that day in his area, and talked to everyone. We got about 5 return appointments with people, and found a pretty golden family. Her name is Mikayla, she's 11, and her and her dad want to get baptized. The mom is a member already but they're all supportive of the dad and daughter getting baptized. Plus, the bishop and his family are really great friends for them and live right down the street. We also found another guy who was pretty interested in hearing about the Church more.

We also went to the Jordan River temple last week. MAN that seems like such a long time ago! We went after emailing and were gone until about 5 at night. We went as a zone so that was really good! That temple is really pretty and I like the inside. I think someone said that it's the busiest temple in the world! Or it used to be at least. I'm glad that they were able to squeeze in time for the missionaries to go through it. I love going to the temple, it has such an amazing Spirit about it. And I got an answer to one of my questions when I was in the Celestial Room.

We went out to lunch with one of Elder Dean's recent converts, Shana and her husband Mike. We went to Dickey's BBQ. I had never been there before but it wasn't too bad! It was fun for Elder Dean to catch up. I had met them when I interviewed Shana so they recognized me too.

Heather got interviewed for baptism! (and passed). She's still not doing too well health wise from the pregnancy but she's hanging in there. We gave her a blessing a while ago and we found out that she was totally sick free for 2 days she said. Which is pretty good seeing as she was throwing up about every ten minutes she said. So she's still going to get baptized this weekend as of right now as long as she's feeling up to it. So keep her in your prayers!

Everything's going well up here. A lot of work is happening, and transfers is already coming up. By next week we'll know what's going to happen!

Love ya!
-Elder Wilson

P.S. Happy Birthday!!



The Jordan River Temple!

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