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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Tomorrow is transfers!! But don't worry, I'm staying here. ;) As a district leader still! Elder Judkins is going to Murray and he's going to be a senior companion to someone he was in the MTC with. So that's pretty cool. I'm gonna miss him, we got along really well. But hey it's not what I want it's what the Lord wants right?? So my new companion will be Elder Aveiro. Remember him from tville? He was the one that was companions with Elder Harvey when they were getting sick all the time. I forget where he's from, but he has a british accent it sounds like. Anyways I'll update you on him next week.

This transfer will only be 5 weeks long instead of the 6 week usual because of the MTC going to 2 weeks instead of 3 weeks! So hey if it doesn't go well, at least it's a week shorter right?? ;) Elder Weier is going home sadly. My dad is dying!! (he trained me, so he's my 'dad') He was made an AP this upcoming transfer so we'll see how that goes haha. He isn't a huge fan of it.

The baptism Saturday went really really well! The Spirit was really strong there and Veronica is really sensitive to feeling the Spirit so she was crying when we were even taking the pictures before the baptism! (I'll attach some pictures don't worry!) But yeah. Veronica went first, and she said everything was in slow motion, like it was surreal she said. Which is pretty awesome. Valerie was next, and because she has Autism she was a little apprehensive about going into the water at first but then I was able to coax her into it. We had practiced her getting baptized beforehand so it wasn't too hard once she was in the water but she was still afraid to go all the way under. We had practiced her bending forward instead of falling backwards because that way it would be less scary for her. :) But she eventually did it! :) And then the rest of the program went really well too. They asked me to do the talk on baptism which was really special for me. They're an awesome family!! Matthew is getting baptized this saturday! :) He's a really really good guy and a good dad. 

The confirmations the next sunday went really well as well. Elder Judkins was asked to do them and he was pretty nervous haha. But he did fine, and the Spirit was pretty strongly felt which is always good. I did a baptismal interview for one of the Spanish Sisters' investigators. His name was Ary and he is a great guy. He has a newly married wife and a newborn baby! He seemed pretty solid, but had some questions on a few things. I was able to resolve them though which made him feel a lot better.

Friday we went to temple square! We went with the Olsen family. That was really really awesome! :) We rode the trax which is always fun, haha. Then when we got there we met up with the sister missionaries who were going to give us the tour of temple square. They took us to a few places like the model of the salt lake temple so that they could see all the different rooms in the temple, then to the statue of Christ which was really awesome!! Then we watched a video about the Plan of Salvation with an emphasis on families and their importance in the plan. They all really liked it! I love this family haha. I'm glad I don't have to leave them yet!

That's about it for this week, sorry it was such a long email this week! Hopefully you didn't just skim it though ;)
Elder Wilson

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