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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Elder Dean!

So transfers happened, and I got Elder Aveiro as you remember from my last email. And I also remember telling you that I would talk more about him. BUT he got emergency transfered out the next day.
We got in a fight, and it ended up with him calling President and telling him that I was beating him up. He was getting on my nerves though!!

haha just kidding. There were two Elders who had to go home for surgery and so there were a few holes that needed to be filled in. Elder Aveiro went back to Spanish speaking to fill in the hole that came up, and then Elder Dean from the district about 10 blocks down the road came up to be companions with me. And then another Elder went up to fill in his hole, and another to fill his hole, and so on. It was a mess! hahaha. BUT I'm excited for this transfer because Elder Dean is wayy awesome. We are into literally ALL the same things. Cars, music, personality, everything. So it's going to be good. He also went to BYU-I-Do with me the same track! I saw his truck every once in a while, and he saw me in my morph suit at some of the dances. We were even in the same English class we found out!! I sat two rows back from him. I'll attach a picture that proves we're the same. ;)

Matt got baptized!! It was a really great service, and President Moffat came to watch it. There were a lot of people that came to it which is always good for the person getting baptized. There were a lot of people from Veronica (his wife)'s work that came with their families even! He was super happy that it happened. Satan was really working hard on him to get him not to go through with it. To the point where his car wouldn't start the morning of and he was about to be late so we arranged a ride for him and his family! Then it worked after the baptism without him doing anything to it, and then the same thing for church the next day when he was supposed to get confirmed and get the gift of the Holy Ghost. But then it again started working afterwards. Since then, no problems at all. Crazy! Anyways at his baptism, there was a little crowd of the little kids that were wanting to see it happen. After he came up out of the water Valerie his daughter threw up her hands in the air and said "Daddy, you did it!!! You got baptized!!! :D" And then she said "Hip hip hooray!!" It was so cute. And so sincere! The whole room was in laughter, including the bishop who was doing the baptizing and Matt. :)

We had a huge meeting with the Mission President, the Stake President, all the bishops, all the missionary-related callings in the wards, and the Area Authority over this part of Utah. Crazy! We talked about how the new mission is going, what is working and what is not, and how to improve it. It went really well! I could tell Elder Aveiro was nervous though. (This was when he was my companion still- transfers were wednesday and then the switch happened friday morning) But it's okay since this was his first time in the area and he was speaking English instead of Spanish.

The post girls, Jenna and Paris, are getting baptized this Saturday! (Lucky Elder Dean, walking into 3 baptisms hahaha) They're super excited and they have had their "interview" already and they are good to go. The parents are saying that there will be a lot of people coming so that's exciting! I'll let you know how it goes in the next email.

District meeting was thursday, and President told all the district leaders to do the meeting on "Find when you teach, teach when you find" and "talk with everyone". I've already done about 2 district meetings on those topics, but hey if he says to do it then I'm going to because it's inspired! The Zone Leaders came to it and afterwards I asked them what I could improve on and they couldn't think of anything! Elder Reed said it was the best one he's been to. yeahhh buddayyy!

My bike tire was getting really bald and it finally exploded this week. But don't worry I got it fixed! There was green flat attack (slime) everywhere though it was kinda nasty. But I went to the bike shop to get it fixed along with my brakes which also were horrible and my chain that was rusted completely. So that was good. :)

This week was awesome! Sorry if this email was too long, haha. ;)
Love ya!
Elder Wilson

Oh P.S. we went to the Sharps for dinner last night which was awesome. They had some really good roast and caught up on some things. And took some pictures!

 Elder Judkins got transfered. :(

When you see this, you know that you're going to find missionaries close by. 

Elder Aveiro, even though he was only my comp for a day and a half!

The new district! From left to right: Elder Silva, Elder Harrell, Sister Harrell, Elder Dean, Elder Chesbrough, Me, Elder Reed (in the front kneeling-ish), Elder Aveiro, Elder Moore, Sister Moore, Elder Ross, Sister Guerrero, Sister Crockett (she's back!!), Elder Quesne, Sister Cordoba, Sister Norman. Say that ten times fast!

 Only a missionary would get this excited about getting new ties. I definitely do not have 48 ties now.

Matt getting baptized by the bishop!

Elder Dean and I standing with the Olsen family and the bishop!

Well I know where I'm not gonna park anymore...

 Elder Dean and I!!

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