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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It's actually starting to get kind of chilly up here at nights! That means winter is coming! I can't wait to be cold. Ah! This week went by really slowly, but I really liked it.

Last P-day, we went to walmart to go shopping and we asked Jordan Simpson if he could give us a ride. When he picked us up, he had a girl in his front seat. I figured it was his sister, but it turned out to be someone that we had been trying to get an appointment with forever! The Lord works in mysterious ways. :) Anyways so she's only 16 but she is pretty mature for her age so she had a couple of religious questions for us. We made a return appointment for Sunday which went really well!

On wednesday we went over to Mackenzie's house to talk to the dad to let her get baptized on September 23rd. He agreed! :) Then we raced over to the mission building because the whole mission went on a field trip! We went to Ensign Peak and hiked up to it. Then we went to "This is the place", where Brigham Young said that this is where Zion will be built. That was really interesting. It was like a little Pioneer village with people dressed like Pioneers, and the houses were all old like the original houses there. That was a really neat and Spiritual experience. I took a lot of pictures, so I'll try and limit the ones I upload!

On thursday I had my first district meeting. The AP's showed up. Of course they would! haha. But it went really well. I trained my district just fine and the things that I prepared really helped them out, I could tell. The AP's told me afterwards that it was really good for my first district meeting. They said things I did well, and things I could improve on for the future. It was a little stressful, but then again not really! I kinda like it. I'd say the most annoying thing about being a district leader is having to be a babysitter for the missionaries in my district. But being a district leader is really a good experience, I like it.
Afterwards Elder Bloomfield and I went around talking to people on the street. We had a lesson with Russ Howell again today, and I asked if he found out that the LDS church was God's church truly restored to the earth again if he would be baptized. He said "Yes, absolutely!" So we'll see how he progresses. He is on vacation until Thursday though in California. Jealous! ;)

Elder Bloomfield and I went around contacting the referrals we received, but none of them were home. Then we went to Mackenzie's house to teach her a lesson, but she wasn't very focused. I was nervous because her baptism interview was on Saturday, so we went over the questions and she kept "forgetting" what they were. We would tell her the definition of a word, like prophet, and then right after I was done I'd say so... what's a prophet? "Uh... I forgot." It happened about 4 times for each word! haha. I eventually just wrote down all the words she needed to remember on a piece of paper. When we went back on Saturday, she had remembered every single word! Prayers really do work, because let me tell you I was praying really hard, haha.

She passed her baptism interview on Saturday with flying colors. I promised her I'd make her a duct tape scripture box to put her Book of Mormon in after the interview so she was really excited.

We went to Mackenzie's to teach her and to read from the Book of Mormon. Jordan Simpson came with us, that was cool. Then we went to dinner and had some really good sandwich things. BBQ'd chicken with slices of pineapple on this pita-like bread. Then we had an appointment with Mikayla but she was busy so we couldn't teach her. We got an appointment with the next door neighbor though! The Montes family. Then we taught a less active family later at night. Good week!

Love, Elder Wilson

 Le Bus hahahaha

 Teeter-totter crossing?

 The Sign on top of Ensign Peak

 The view from the top of the hill! So incredible. 

  President Moffat was giving us a lesson about the history of Ensign Peak which was really interesting.

 Elder Bloomfield and I on top of Ensign Peak!

 The hike was only about a mile or two so it wasn't that bad.

The Mission! There's more on the trail behind me, but so far we're up to 94 missionaries! We are going to have 150 by December. In a 5 square mile mission!

The receipt for the sandwiches we ate! That price was AFTER a half off discount if you look closely! 

 This was Brigham Young's house that they transported to This Is The Place.

Roping missionaries is always a safe, enjoyable sport. 

 We had a devotional meeting at the end of the day in this building. I guess this was the first church they built when the Pioneers came to the valley!

The "This Is The Place" entrance 

So we went into the church at around 8:45 to get a quick drink of water before we went back to our apartment at 9, and we heard this crazy loud Mexican music blasting in the gym! So we went in there and there was apparently a fiesta going on hahahahaha. It was fun.

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