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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th!

 This week went by really fast. Elder Bloomfield is still pretty quiet but he's a really cool guy, and a great missionary. I like serving with him and being his second transfer trainer because it really shows me how much of an example I need to be. That and being a district leader's shown me how I naturally react to different things, and I really feel like it's pushing me to be a better missionary.

When we went to teach Aubry on Tuesday, Sister Greenwood came with us. She put in a lot of good insights. We answered questions that she had about scriptures, and she seemed pretty confident about the answers that she got. It's cool to see her and others that we teach progress.

On Wednesday Sister Lynn's phone wasn't working so we rode over to their house to set up an appointment later on in that day when Mackenzie would be home. For the next hour or two we contacted part member families to see if anyone would be interested. After our lesson with Mackenzie we went to Malaysia Fogle's house to teach her. She is an unbaptized girl, and her younger sister Britan isn't either. Their parents  won't let them until they are 16. I want them to look up D&C 68:25! haha. The sins are on the parent's heads if they knowingly withhold their kids from getting baptized. Obviously I wouldn't ever tell them that, but it still crossed my mind, haha.

We had a meeting with our zone on Thursday. President Moffat focused the meeting on how to find people. I found it super useful! I felt like he was applying the whole meeting directly towards me. Obviously that was the Spirit! So I applied what we learned when we got out and talked to a boy sitting on a hill all by himself. He wasn't interested at first, but after talking with him for a while he got more interested. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he sounded interested in it! Then later on we saw a girl sitting outside doing her homework so we went up and talked to her. We got an appointment with their whole family. After that we taught a family where the guy is about to leave for his mission, Tom Seipel.

We taught Mackenzie about keeping the Sabbath day holy, and that was the most focused she's ever been in a lesson. She really understood it well! She told her mom that she had to do her shopping before Sunday so that she wouldn't be breaking the Sabbath! :)

Our appointment with that family, the Montes, fell through which was disappointing but we won't give up on them yet. They are a Spanish family but they speak English and the kids are more comfortable in English. They're a really nice family, just moved in from Texas. They seem really interested in learning more about the Church, they said they had never heard about it before. The dad said that after moving here he's noticed how “different” we are than everyone else he's seen (religion wise) in a good way. So he said that sparked his interest.

Sunday we contacted a referral that we received at church. He apparently said that if we mowed his lawn or did some type of service, then he'd let us in for 5 minutes. That proved to be false; he shut us down the instant he opened the door. Haha. Then we went to Mackenzie's house to set up an appointment for Monday the next day.

Yesterday morning we did service for the Michael's. I'm pretty sure we uncovered a spider's nest because there were probably about 50 spiders that started crawling everywhere. Freaked me out for a while since we didn't have gloves. But after we finished that we went back home to change into regular missionary clothes again. We got a list from our Ward Mission Leader of all the houses in his ward that weren't members. That was a miracle list! It's really hard to know who is a member and who isn't. So we started using that list until our appointment at 4 with Mackenzie. We taught her the law of tithing and the Word of Wisdom. She understood them really well and she actually pointed out a few people that she knew of that weren't following it and said she was going to have to change that about them! It's really cool that she's able to pick things out like that really easily. Tom Seipel came with us, that guy who is about to leave on his mission. He's a really cool guy. Later at night before we came home we talked to Russ Howell to see how he was doing, and ended up getting an appointment for Thursday so that should be good. It started raining like crazy yesterday so I broke out my rain coat for the first time in a while. Using the hood and the helmet makes my head look extremely long and weird. But hey whatever works, right? Anyways this week was a pretty productive week. The district is going well, and the zone leaders have said I'm doing a really good job so that's always a good thing to hear.

2 Corinthians 12:10:
I love this scripture. When people persicute us for being missionaries, it sometimes gets you down but if you really think about it, that makes us "weak", and Christ/His atonement can lift us up and make us better people than we were before. So this is something I need to apply in my life, maybe you guys back home should do the same! Be glad when people put you down for being "churchy" or "mormon" because in the scriptures they always say that the person who "loses" his life for Christ, he'll find it. (Matthew 10:39)

Hope all is well at home,
Love Elder Wilson

 PS. For any of you who were FREAKING out about that tie in my last email, I only wore it for that picture!! haha. I changed right afterwards.

They just refinished the floor at the stake center! It's really fun to play on now.

A rainbow came out after a crazy intense storm that happened.

The hood+helmet. haha.

LOOK AT THIS SUNSET! Without any editing, that's what I took with my camera.

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