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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

We're movin' out!

Today was the day we moved out of the Andreason's. :( I'm gonna miss those guys! Carl was about to cry it looked like. It was sad. But we moved into Sister Sampson's home, don't worry she's very elderly! ;) She's a widow and I guess we're allowed to stay there in the basement but I always thought that would be against the rules. haha. I attached a picture of Elder Weier, Sister and Brother Andreason (Ann and Carl) and I. :)

So every week for this email I get stuff out of my journal that I write in every night, and it's funny because for the longest time I kept saying May instead of June hahaha.

Tuesday we went out to eat as a district after district meeting, and we went to this fancy hamburger place. haha. it was mainly a restaurant but it had burgers salads and stuff not actual restaurant-y food haha. :) But at the end one of the Sisters got up and went to the front and paid for all of us!! It was really nice of her. But the total came out to almost $60! Turns out they had gotten 50 the day before and didn't know what to spend it on so she thought that it would be appropriate to spend it there. So that was cool. haha :)

Brother Andreason's bike that I was riding (it's a speed/road bike with those super skinny tires) went YUP YOU GUESSED IT... flat. haha. so we had to get a ride back to our house, then I fixed my actual bike and now it works! :) haha.

So on Wednesday I prayed all day that we would find someone new to teach. We went out knocking on doors of part member families, and nothing happened. then as we were riding home I had a feeling to stop at this one house. Nothing. haha. So then I was starting to feel a little let down. But then that night at about 8:30, 20 minutes before we were supposed to go home, the bishop of one of the wards here texted us with a referral!! I was so happy. :) then sister Johnson (Cruize's mom) asked us to come and give her a blessing. So at 6 we came over and started playing frisbee with her, cruze, and his two friends for a while. then they were about to go eat, but since we had already eaten we asked if she wanted the blessing then. So we did, and went to the backyard. So I asked who she wanted to give her one and she pointed to Elder Weier. That was pretty cool. It's always really cool to give blessings or at least being a part of them. 

So Thursday I was praying again that we would find a new investigator. And we did!! :) Her name is Laurie Ewell, but she likes to go by Birdie haha. :) She's actually the same person that I gave that blessing to on my first day. We gave her a lesson and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon for her to read because we were going to come back on Sunday to teach her another lesson. 

On Friday, Elder Weier and I were teaching lessons and things like that, and then he said Let's go get snow cones at that hut down by Elder Vilayvong and Davidson's area (btw Elder Davidson is from our stake!! He's in my district. He's from Rio Linda. Troy Davidson.). So when we got there the worker gave them to us for free since we were missionaries!! :) She asked me what size I wanted so I said surprise me. She gave me an extra large!! Picture it like a big gulp-sized snow cone. hahaha. It was so so so so sooo good though. French vanilla, cream soda flavors, and actual cream (that made it thick and taste ohh soo good.) Then we did mormon.org time and then we had to go do baptism interviews so we went there. There were FIVE of them! It took an hour and 45 minutes. And they all spoke spanish so of course I couldn't understand any of it. haha. I just sat there on the couch. Then Elder Weier and I went to B and D burgers and I got a "Big Barney"!! :) 

So we got a referral from the Sisters in our district to teach some people who had recently moved in. We went to their door and they were busy moving in, so we asked if we could come back another time and they said 1:00 tomorrow (Sunday). so we said alright cool! And we invited them to church at 9am the next morning. Elder Weier was like they won't come. But then I said have faith Elder!! 

Sunday: we had a meeting at 8am so we went to that, then to ward council for the 1st ward. TURNS OUT THAT THE PEOPLE WE INVITED SHOWED UP FOR SACRAMENT MEETING!!! :) :) But we were in freaking ward council so we didn't get to see them or sit by them. :( then we went to go see "Birdie" for the appointment we had set up, but she asked us to come by next Wednesday at 11am instead. So we walked all the way home, got a phone call telling us to come by Saturday at 11am instead! Then another asking if we were still at candlestick but we weren't. Turns out she was awake enough to be able to have a lesson now. haha. So we got there, and we didn't have another male with us because it was so last minute, so we had it on the stairs leading to her apartment haha. she kept complaining that she was cold but the lesson went well. Then we went to Charles and Murrey's house (the people we invited to church) to apologize for not being there in sacrament meeting. 

Prayer really really works everyone. If you're reading this and you don't think God will answer your prayers, then it's your fault. Because He will ALWAYS answer them. You just have to have the faith that He will, and try and be able to recognize His answers to them in your live better. I promise that :)

I'll send you guys a picture of the new pad next week! We still have to go home and set it up and everything. Plus I'm out of time haha. :) I love you so much and I'm thinking about all of you all the time! :) 
Shoutout to Natalie, Kelsey, John and Kyle!!

Elder Wilson.

A page in my journal with me getting frustrated about the dates hahaha :)

 I looked up randomly and saw a rainbow around the sun!! It was super super cool.

The gang!! haha. I'm going to miss the Andreason's. :(

Brother Sharp dressed up for sunday school for a lesson about not judging others!! hahaha.

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