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Monday, June 18, 2012

Almost transfers already?!?

These past 6 ish weeks have freaking flown by. I hope I can stay busy enough to be able to have the whole rest of my mission go by just as fast! :) Hey, only 22 more fast sundays left ;)
So we went on exchanges this past week. I went with Elder Vilayvong, he's from San Diego and super legit! Elder Weier my companion has to go on exchanges with everyone in the district (except the sisters of course ha) so he went with Elder Davidson and I went with Elder Vilayvong who is Davidson's companion. Hopefully that all made sense to you! hahaha. Anyways so on wednesday Elder Vilayvong and I got up at 6:00, and rode our bikes to the district building to meet up with the rest of the district. We played basketball as a district and Elder Weier kept freaking cheating!! hahaha. oh well we all got exercise. :) Then we went home, studied, and then left for the day. We OYM'd for a while (open your mouth) which is basically just walking around talking to everyone you see, and seeing if they'll let you talk to them. That went really well. We met David who wants to come back to church, and a bunch of other people. We also got 3 referrals who would be interested in hearing our message. Then we went and paid visits (or tried to haha) to inactives, recent converts, Birdie, and yeah. A lot of them didn't open the door but hopefully they'll open soon! Then we went to kneaders which is a sandwich place, super nice quality and got 20 bucks! Then we went to the post office so I could mail my father's day card, and we got freaking 23 bucks there!! So elder Vilayvong got 20 and I got 20, and we took the 3 dollars and got slushies at the gas station since it was seriously sooooo hot. We got a lot of work done together!

Thursday we had a mission-wide meeting from 2-4:30 where every missionary comes in. Elder M. Russel Ballard came today!! So I took a bunch of notes. It was a really good meeting. He talked about how we need to not be scared to open our mouths, and to talk to everyone we see because we never know what they're going through or if they want to hear our message. Then after he ended talking, he said he didn't have time to shake all of our hands, so he was like "all of you raise your hands", and then we all did an air hand shake thing with him!! hahaha :) After the meeting I met up with Elder Clark and Elder Piutau and we were going to take a picture together for old times, (we couldn't find Elder Denny haha) but Elder Clark's freaking companion was like let's go let's go let's go, so we weren't able to. That might be the last time I'll see those guys if I stay in the new mission and they're in the South mission. :(
anywayss so after that Elder Weier and I got pizza at a place where we get it half off, and then contacted referrals that we had gotten earlier. None of them answered the door, but then we OYM'd candlestick apartments and found an investigator named Kimberly Zepeda.
So on Saturday the Zone Leaders came over to our house for a surprise visit thing and had companion study with us! haha. That went well :) They're really fun to be with and really spiritual too. So after that we ate breakfast, and went out to our lesson appointment with Kimberly. She's a baptist and she believes in a lot of the same true doctrine that we believe, but a little twisted. Like she believes in the priesthood, but she thinks that she holds it. So that was a little hard to explain.. haha :) We also taught Birdie, but she was having kind a mental breakdown so we are going to come back probably tomorrow. (tuesday)
Yesterday (Sunday june 17th) we went to our usual 3 wards which takes soo long haha but it's worth it because when the people we're teaching show up it's such a good feeling! :) Charles and Molen ( I don't actually remember if I have told you about them but they just moved in to Candlestick apartments and want to be taught! They came to church! That was super cool. They're a really nice couple :) But at church, it was Dry Council week (high council hahahahaha) so that was pretty boring. But being with the members make it fun! And we're influencing the little kids there so Elder Weier and I always make sure to sing to set a good example. :) After 2nd ward all the members came up to us after the meeting, and we were trying to talk to our investigators but everyone kepy talking to us so they ended up leaving!! That was frustrating. But it's all good. We payed a visit to the andreason's and Carl was so happy! :) When he saw us at the door he smiled so big and his eyes got big like a little kid it was so cute. they invited us to eat dinner with them so we got a free meal! We are low on food so that was a blessing. :) We met with Sister Johnson (Cruize's mom) and I can tell we really needed to because she was super down looking and when we finished she was really happy. :) Her kids go to their dad's house every other weekend so that messes with her emotions which is completely reasonable. She's such a good mom!! (not as good as you mommy don't worry ;) )

Elder Wilson

 Do you see anything wrong with this picture? hahahaha :)

Elder Weier got a wart!! Freaking gross. But it's all healed now :)


We have a pet cat!! We named him Tiger.

Here's our room! I really like my bed ;)

We have a living room! :)

Our kitchen! It's a little small but hey it works!

Here's the entrance to our shower haha - We have to shimmy in sideways to get to it.

 This is how narrow it is! hahahaha :)

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