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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Okay, I'm repenting!

Okay so I was going to put this part towards the end BUT I realized that most of you will just read the first part and then skip to the end of my letter. haha. so EASTER is coming up. And that means that it's Christ's resurrection. Or at least the day that we celebrate it on. So look at this video from mormon.org. And put some headphones in so that you don't get distracted by anything around you, because it's powerful.

wasn't that so awesome!?!?!? (Watch it if you haven't....)

Sorry for such a short email last week! I will try to make it longer this week. But in case you're mad at me, here's some awesome quotes that Elder Durfee and I experienced this last week:

-"If life was easy, what's the point of heaven?" --Daniel, one of the recent converts in the area.

-"Do you mind if I call you guys the God squad?" --random kid on the street.

-"Americans are weird. They put lettuce and hamburger in their tacos."  --Elder Durfee

-Elder Wilson at Walmart:
"Hey, look Elder Durfee, Mexican cheese!"
"That's not Mexican cheese."
"Yes it is, it says so right on the package."
"No, that's false advertising." [walks to the Hispanic aisle] "THIS is Mexican cheese."

-Elder Wilson in our apartment,
"Hey, Elder can you heat up my pizza?"
[walks to the microwave, opens it, and finds that the glass turntable isn't there, and is buried at the bottom of a pile of dishes in the sink.] 
"No, that's not an option."
[Hands Elder Wilson his cold piece of pizza and walks away.]

-Elder Wilson to a smoker:
"Are you trying to quit smoking?"
"Why not?"
"Because I embrace it."
[puzzled look] "What do you mean 'embrace it'"?
"I like it."  [takes a slow puff]
"Even though it's bad for your health?"
"Says who?"
"Oh, I thought that was common knowledge..."
[Awkward Silence]
"Well, we offer a free public service to help you quit."
"No thanks."
"Okay... Well have a great day!"

Being with Elder Durfee never has it's dry moments. hahahaha.

So first off, I want to say that zone conference rocked! It was so spiritual. I learned a lot from it! I love the Spirit that comes when so many missionaries meet together. I loved the part towards the end as well, with the last week of the Savior's life. "Father, into thy hands I commend my Spirit." Can you imagine the reunion between the Father and the Son? I loved that question that our mission president asked all of us. Then with the painting of Christ meeting Mary. That was a really strong Spirit that was there. I love this time of year, with Easter coming up. It helps us just focus on the work and what we need to do as missionaries! Look up that painting. It's called "Why weepest thou?" by Simon Dewey. LOOK IT UP!

The work is going well. Right now Henrietta is working towards baptism and is looking great!! She is so awesome. She had some awesome questions and was actually willing to get the answer. From reading the scriptures. (A lot of time people just ask us questions to question our beliefs or to try and trap us in our words or whatever it is.) But she was legitimately wanting to know the answers to things! Some of them were:

"There weren't any prophets after Christ."
"Christ told the Apostles he was going to give them the Spirit, so prophets weren't necessary."
"God hasn't appeared to anyone in history before"
"God doesn't have a body of flesh and bones"
"The curtain in the temple rent meant that there were no more prophets needed after the law of Moses"
"God appeared here again?? [in awe] "That is so amazing! What evidence do you have of this?" 
Okay so looking over these, it really sounds like she was trying to "bash" but honestly she wasn't. And was satisfied when we showed her the answer in the Bible and the Book of Mormon. I love using the scriptures to resolve people's concerns!!

The 5th ward set up a lesson with us and their non member friend Sam! But we need to talk to his parents to get permission for baptism. So that's why he's not on date yet. He said he wanted to be baptized though so that should be good. We have another appointment with him tomorrow evening.

Jim fell off because of the word of wisdom, but we will get him back. He felt the spirit really strongly when we read him some talks out of the general conference that happened last October. he has been struggling with some depression, so we read Jeffrey R Holland's talk Like a Broken Vessel and the one from President Monson "I Will Not Fail Thee, nor Forsake Thee."
so awesome. He is really progressing well.

Alright. So this email is a lot longer. I hope that I have redeemed myself from last week!! Except I forgot my camera. So I will try and go home to get my camera and get back in time to email them home from last week. If not, then I guess you'll have to wait until NEXT WEEK! haha. Anyways, I love ya guys!

-Elder Wilson

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