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Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Happy [belated] Easter!
I hope that everyone's was awesome and that you remembered the true meaning of Easter, not the typical tradition of hunting for plastic, colored eggs in the grass. Although that definitely is fun! I am so glad that I am able to be a missionary right now, through Easter, and being able to testify to people that I KNOW that the Atonement is real, and that I KNOW that Jesus Christ suffered, died, and was resurrected for US. Because He loves us. I KNOW that. I'm so glad that I have that knowledge.

As far as this week goes, it went pretty well!! Not a whole lot happened though. We met with Henrietta, and she is doing really well. She came to church, and loved it! She has a 1 year old daughter who is seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen haha. I don't think it's possible to get mad at her. Well we were sitting in the pews in church, and all of a sudden we look down... and she isn't there anymore! All we saw was the toes of her feet as she was crawling up under the pews to the back of the chapel. she got all the way to the back, and of course Henrietta was laughing so hard and trying to keep quiet, but I'm sure she was embarrassed too because this was only her second time being there at church. So anyways, Elder Durfee gets up to go get her from the back of the church, and I turn around and he shrugs his shoulders at me like "I don't know what to do!" So then I turn around trying my best not to laugh because right after he did that, he reached down and picked Adeline up and held her out in front of him as if she had a poopy diaper and he had this really awkard looking expression on his face hahahhaha. He didn't want to break mission rules for not being able to hold children! (Missionary handbook p.35) But he didn't know what else to do in the situation because a lot of people were already looking at him by that point hahahaha. It was really really funny and I'm still cracking up, even typing this up right now.

We're also meeting with Jim Romero. he's doing awesome as well. Not quite sure if that was correct grammar or not... sorry dad. We have been meeting with him daily and either reading out of the scriptures with him or reading talks from the Ensign or other talks from prophets and apostles recently. He really seems to enjoy that. And he is getting so much closer to God it's incredible. It's almost like the Spirit is touching him! It's almost like what we're talking about is true! It's almost like this whole CHURCH is true!
So yeah. I'll send the talk that we read with him. It's about Grace. It was pretty awesome. I love brad wilcox. He is an awesome speaker.

Want more funny things that happened this week? Of course you do.

Jim Romero: "I don't know... I was just thinking again the other day.."
E. Durfee: "Don't ever stop thinking. Because if you do, you'll die."
later on, after the lesson.. E. Durfee "You know, that's the problem with this world. people just stop thinking."

Then as we were walking down the street we saw these middle school aged girls walking together in front of us, and we were about to stop and talk to them when we heard
Girl 1 "I'm not loud!"
Girl 2 "You're VERY f****ing loud!!" RIGHT as we were next to them about to talk to them. She turned BRIGHT red, covered her face, and kept repeating "Oh my gosh I am SOO sorry!!!"
E. Wilson "Good, you should be!"

Man. Fun times on the mission. I promise that they were much funnier in real life if you're sitting there in your chair thinking man, that really wasn't too funny..

Take care! I love ya!
Elder Wilson

Sorry it's super old, but here's the picture of David Archuletta coming to our district meeting!

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