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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Okay, who watched general conference...????? If you didn't, seriously go look it up online right now and watch it!!! There were so many awesome quotes. my favorite talks were Elder Holland's, Elder Rasband's, Elder Eyring, Elder Scott, Elder Oaks, Elder Uchtdorf, Elder Aidukaitis, Elder Christofferson's, and President Monson's. okay so that's the majority of them. But still, they were so freaking good!!!
I wish that I could write things up on here but we have to go now. :( I'll type it up next week! Remind me though!

Oh yeah, another thing that happened this week. So we were visiting Elder Chandler's district meeting. And we were just sitting there.... and uh.. David Archuleta walked in. hahaha. Elder Chandler was like "Hey brother archuleta" and at the same time another missionary was like "Oh, hey David!" When I put two and two together, I knew it was him haha. It makes sense, because I missed him in the MTC by 3 weeks. 

Love you!
Elder Wilson

wow impatient missionaries... see ya. sorry.

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