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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Snow Has Come.

The first day of real snow is today. I'm pretty sure it's here to stay, too. Which is not good. We had to shovel our landlord's driveway this morning. But I didn't mind because it is always fun the first couple of times that you do it! I'm sure it will get old really quick.

When Elder Smith and I met up, I first went over the Zone Leader responsibilities with him. He's going to catch on really quick. He's a good missionary. He's also really mature which is good because we need to be as zone leaders. He has already graduated from College with his degree! He is an electrical engineer. But yeah, he's a really hard worker. We have already gone to some meetings together and I can tell that it's going to be a good transfer. I'm pretty sure I said that in the last email but OH WELL.

Thanksgiving was pretty good. We did a 5K called "Beat the President". I'll attach the picture. Even though it's a horrible picture, without anyone looking and I was still trying to get in position hahahaha. Oh well. Maybe you won't spot me. But Elder Reed left some socks here so [after I washed them] I wore them to the race! I ended up placing 2nd overall. And definitely beat the President ;) I'll see if I can get the picture of the winners! If not you'll just have to believe me. For thanksgiving dinner, we went to a member's house. There was a ton of people there! About 30. But there was tons of food so it didn't run out. (so don't worry mom, I got fed well!) ;)

So we tried to play a prank on Elder Smith when he got here. Me and the Millers. We pretended to have a beer sitting out (it was cream soda) and Mike Miller said that he finally got his answer. He knew that this was the right decision. He knows he has to quit drinking alcohol, and so he committed to do it. But then he's like BUT I'll only do it if you drink my last one with me. And poured us a glass. Elder Smith was like uh... no. I'm not gonna do that. haha. But then I tried to reason with Mike for a while. He said that was the only way he would do it. So I shrugged, clicked my glass to his, and together we said "For Elder Reed." It was pretty awesome hahaha. But Mike has been apologizing ever since, he thought that he offended Elder Smith or something! But really he was cool with it haha.
Speaking of Mike, something really really awesome happened with him and his wife. We went over there to talk to them, and just to see how they were doing. Then they had us sit down, and Mike told us about an incredible blessing that he had gotten from his friend Tim. He said it lasted for half an hour (which is extremely long for a blessing), and during it he had a pure knowledge that he NEEDED to be baptized. I don't want to go too much into it because it is pretty sacred to him. But let's just say that he absolutely knows he needs to now. Before, he was just kind of aiming towards it. And then his wife, Janeina, had an awesome experience too. She had a dream that her dad came to her (who has passed away) and she was asking him a lot of questions. The coolest part though was that her dad wasn't able to use his legs in this life, and was confined to a wheelchair. But in the dream when he came to her, he was able to fully use his legs and was standing talking to her. Pretty awesome. One of the questions was if she should be baptized. She told us that after the dream was over, she also had an absolute knowledge that she needed to be baptized. So she told us she wants to be baptized on December 14th. And she wants me to do it, she said. That was awesome.

Tiffany is also really solid for baptism. She is shooting for the 21st of December but she needs to get over a few speedbumps before that can happen. I really hope that we can get her ready in time. She told us that she is really really excited for it and wants to come to church every week. She's really excited to learn about the gospel too. So things are going really well with her!

And the rest of the week was just as good!

I love you!!
Elder Wilson
 Elder Wood, Elder Wilson, and Elder Dean

 My 5K socks!

I beat the president!

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