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Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm home!

So now that I'm home, I have decided that I will upload some of the awesome pictures that were taken at the airport. It's really a weird feeling, but I think that I will adjust well to it. Just give it a little time. (that's normal, right..?)
Anyways, yes, I made it home safely and on time! Thanks for all of you back in Utah that I was able to see and meet on my mission. You definitely have changed my life for the better. Don't forget me!!
Contact me so that we can stay in touch.
I'll be back. =)

When does his flight come in..?

Well, while we're waiting let's just take a family picture.

..and sit down for a little bit.

Luke is getting kinda sad now.

Oh! His plane is coming down the escalator!!!

but... he's not coming down with them..?
(I was the LAST one to get off the plane. Sitting in the absolute back of the plane has it's benefits I guess haha.)

There he is!! HI!!!

Alright Elder Bairett, make sure we look good coming down this thing. Put on your best pose.

Look, there he is!!

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